dimanche 24 février 2008

Looking up, this time

Taken this afternoon.

If you don't know where it is, look here.

samedi 16 février 2008

Look down

First in a series called "Look up / Look down"

Taken here.


From a visit to Dinant..

Sablon / Zavel

Near the Sablon (Zavel in Dutch) are located some antique dealer shops. Some nice, some not.
The sign at the entrance of this one struck me.
It means:
"Transmit your furniture, preserve your trees".

dimanche 27 janvier 2008

By night

A building at night.

Taken here.

Parc Louis Hap

A wonderfull (and well hidden) parc near "La Chasse".
Taken from here.

samedi 5 janvier 2008


At the Petit Sablon / Kleine Zavel parc.

Taken in the parc.